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One of the advantages of an occupation such as mine is the opportunities it presents to catch up with friends and acquaintances all over the countryside. It has been a while since I had seen Len and Roberta….they were fellow travellers on the CraftAlive circuit… makers of individual jewellery pieces using semi precious stones.

A couple of years back, they made the snap decision to sell their country property, close the business and sell off the assets and make the move back to the big smoke. It appears they have settled in Sydney in an area Roberta describes as paradise on earth!

It was delightful to catch up (although we didn’t get long to chat) and a distinct pleasure to see someone looking so happy and obviously enjoying life.


….has bitten once again. I am off and running!

No….. more like off and sitting! My destination was fogged in this morning so the whole airline system up the east coast has been affected. Firstly, the assigned departure gate was changed from the one at the end of one finger to the corresponding gate at the end of the other…so a walk from one end of the terminal to the other should have been a warning sign. Then there was the departure delay. For a flight of 55mins, we spent more time sitting on the tarmac before departure than we did in the air.
Naturally, with such a hold up, all the baggage handling services were affected and it was a much longer wait than usual to collect luggage.

Now I am here – to connect with a friend arriving from the opposite direction. Her flight has suffered the same hold ups and now I am sitting in the terminal waiting!
I decided on a coffee and something to eat – part way through the “something”, it started tasting a little strange. If I come down with food poisoning, I will be singularly unimpressed!

Let’s hope that the rest of the week shapes up a little better than the way it has begun.

….. I shouldn’t do it, I know, but i can’t resist the opportunity to fiddle. What I wanted to do was to create a static page at the front of this site and have the “blog” aspect inside ….. should have read the fine print before I started putting things up!

I can’t guarantee I can sort this out… but in the meantime I am on a steep learning curve!

In moving things about I think I have lost my comments….apologies to those wonderful friends who took the time and trouble to make a comment!

Post Script…. I think I have this correct now….but who knows!

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