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Some number of years ago, I retired from the rigors of the school room and set about finding a new path for myself in areas that were akin to my interests and skill bases. I have not taught primary age children for many years.

At this recent show, I had the pleasure of the company of a delightful 12 year old in my workshop – not only was she in the company of older adult “students”, but she considered herself a beginner as a patchworker and was keen to get started. I offered her the opportunity to make a simple flannel quilt cover.

She had a great time… she coped well with the distraction of a separate set of instructions being given around her to the other participants and her quilt cover was nearly completed when she went home that afternoon – her skill level had increased in leaps and bounds and I rediscovered the joy of having a willing and enthusiastic child as a student!

I hope that she continues to successfully explore the world of textiles as she grows up.


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