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Doing better healthwise by the day now but the weather has turned.  Yesterday it started raining.  There are two schools of thought about Craft shows and rain but here in Shepparton where the town lake is dry and the water in short suply, rain is very welcome.

For those of you unfamiliar with the area, this town is part of the Goulbourn Valley and is the major food growing and processing area in the state. To have rain is a definite plus….the area is very dry, water storages are extremely low, irrigation allocations nonexistant and the super pipeline a hot issue as it takes away a very important resource.  Let’s hope it keeps raining today – except for the hour or two during pack down!


I made it here with some help and have managed to get part way through set up without falling over! I must be getting at least a little better as the rash and pain have subsided although the constant headaches are making me grumpy so if I seem a little short, please excuse me!

I am hoping that a good night’s sleep and I will feel a bit brighter again in the morning, ready for the crowds of people that will be attending the show.

Here I am, a couple of days out from the Shepparton Craft Alive show, and I have been diagnosed with Shingles – on the face!

I have been rushed off to have my eyes checked for infections as there is a risk of the optic nerve being affected resulting in blindness in the worst case. I am taking the nasty anti viral drugs – having been reduced to a batch of numbers within the Health system’s approval process and I am fighting off the nastiest of headaches.

Whether I make it to Shepparton is not known at this point – but if I do get there, don’t expect any kisses or hugs from me even if you happen to be my very best friend!

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