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The people from Stitches and Craft have just announced a change of venue for the March 2009 Stitches and Craft Show.  No longer will the show be held at Caulfield Racecourse (I can remember it first being held at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton) Keep up to date with what is happening to Stitches on their website (as of today its still under construction!)

They are very excited to announce that it will be held at the newly completed Exhibition Pavillions at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

This is great news for me as I am very close by this venue and that will make it a very convenient show to work!


Five days of frantic trading later, Sonya and I are packing orders, catching up on paper work and already in preparation not only for the next show in Adelaide, but next year!

One of the most important things that is under consideration is the new dance routine for the early starters at the shows.  Haven’t seen this?  Well, you need to be in the queue for a show before it opens.  The dance troupe gets out there to warm you up for a great day’s shopping with a rev up routine and free giveaways!

We are in Adelaide for the final show of the year very shortly, so why not come along early and strut your stuff with the crew before the show.

I have never been to an exclusively “paper” event before – despite having quite a varied repetoire in the art and craft fields.  This particular event is held twice a year in Melbourne and attracts thousands of people interested in scrapbooking, journaling, paper tole, decoupage, Artists Trading Cards, stamping, card making and anything else you can imagine made with paper.

I am attracted to paper – I make the odd ATC (with a fabric emphasis) – but I like the infinite variety of design. I am impressed with the use of very fine laser cut chipboard, fine MDF and even heavy duty cardboard as a means of creating shapes, letters and symbols for use by the creative mind.

One of the most delightful features of this show was the free “Make and Take” opportunities offered to show visitors.  The stand that was behind (where I was working) had a free ‘make and take’ table with chairs for four participants…. it was never empty!  It appeared they had a waiting list for places on the Friday – goodness knows what Staurday was like! The embellished tag that the girls made there was fantastic.  They learned about working with card board, the right type of glues to use, working with transparencies and giving a proper finish to the work with distress inks and the correct sealer.  If I had managed the time, I would have taken the mini class myself as I was more than  intrigued with what I saw.

I met a delightful young lady who had discovered the art of casting shapes using a heavy grade embossing powder.  She was making some fascinating jewelry pieces combining the cast pieces with copper wire. These shapes could also be used in any other form of “paperwork”.

I have come home with some of the scrapmatts product as I quite like the size, scale and challenge of ATCs.  All I need now is the time to have a play with them! Andrew has cut a range of frame shapes and base boards that are the correct size for ATCs in a range of colours to suit lots of projects.  As these are made from matt board they can easily be painted, stamped, sponged, embossed and, much to the delight of a number of customers, fitted through the “Cuttlebug”. All the scrap matts are available for sale via online ordering at or from Andrew direct if you happen to be coming to Brisbane for the Craft and Quilt Fair this week!

There was something at this show that would have appealed to anyone with a crafty bent – even if you don’t call yourself a paper arts person, I am sure there would have been something to interest you.

My friend Ella has just launched a new Blog to keep all her friends and customers up to date on all that is happening with Ella and Skysie Designs.

You can find her blog here!

Don’t forget to check out her website and her great new range of wooden buttons that are sspecifically designed to complement her stitcheries.

It is amazing how insidious the manner in which the mobile phone has become such an integral part of our lives in such a short period of time.  We cannot live without them, it seems, yet we find them a  proverbial pain in the neck a good deal of the time.

Forgetting them, having to pay the bill, listening to other people shout into them when all you would like is a quite cup of coffee or whatever…. they are meant to make life easier yet they seem to be forever a nuisance.

I was a CDMA phone user for many years as I travel into country areas and wanted the best signal and coverage I could get.  I was driven quietly spare by the harassment of my service provider trying to get me to change to a NextG phone well before the closure of the CDMA network.

They couldn’t offer me any deals or upgrades that were advantageous to me as I owned my phone and there was no existing contract to buy out.  I stuck it out until there was a phone on the market with NextG capabilities that I, with my failing eyesight and limited digital dexterity, could handle.

I acquired this new phone in January.  It took some time to get it organised and functioning as I liked it… it was tuned in to talk to my computer and to the hands free unit in the car without too much drama and I was happily settling in to using it.

Last week the battery went flat. I recharged it.  It went flat again in less than 24 hours.  I recharged it again.  Same thing.  I checked that none of the bluetooth devices were on and causing it to search unnecessarily … nope… everything was fine except it would not hold a charge.

I could not believe that the battery had failed in such a short time…. I have never used a mobile phone to the extent that I wore out a battery and some of my phones have lasted me four years or more!  I checked the warranty – wouldn’t you know it?  The battery is only covered for 6 months!

However, I wandered into town to the dealer where I bought it and asked them if they could test the battery.  It appears that they can’t but directed me to the brand new two story all singing all dancing store a couple of blocks away.

I went up to the second floor to the service area, joined a queue to the service desk to wait to ask for technician. Whilst waiting in the queue, I was greeted by the floor supervisor who asked what help I needed, I explained, he showed me to a chair and went to get a customer liaison person to help me.

Two hours later I was on my way…. it appeared there was nothing wrong with my battery –  what was the issue was that the phone needed a software upgrade.  They recharged the phone, they upgraded the software and they restored all my pictures and phone book.  They provided me with a storage micro chip so that next time it happens it won’t take so long.  They did all this with a smile and for free.  I was impressed.

I have been struggling to get the phone to work again as all the other set up and functions preferences have been lost…. new bluetooth connection, new ring tones to be allocated, every time I do something that I have done before, I find that its not as it was and i have to reconfigure….can I please have a phone that just makes callls?

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