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I love working with felt (especially with the Babylock embellisher) but when designing these Chrissy decorations  I opted for a needle and thread!  These are a quick project that can be completed in an afternoon and hung on the tree that evening.


Each decoration is available as a kit for $AU8.50 plus postage. They contain sufficient supplies to make two decorations – one to keep and one to give away!  They are the perfect size to be inserted in a trifold oval card (if you are a card maker!)  and every purchase of these kits made before Dec 10, will receive a complimentary pattern for a star decoration!

Email me with your order details – Paypal is available.


Last Sunday, Parliament House in Melbourne was open to the public as the final event in the Victorian Women Vote celebrations.  I had an interest in these centenary celebrations as several of my forebears were signatories to the Monster Petition to Government seeking voting rights for women.

I have always had a bit of a passion for tiles and tiled floors….

and as a patchworker, the designs just scream quilts at me!


Naturally, when there are so many beautiful tiled floors right through the House, I just had to grab a few shots – these are all taken on the second floor above the main sitting chambers.


The floors areas at the stair bases and along the corridors are covered by these wonderful designs and are quite extensive – to give you an idea of size the small blue and white triangles in the above picture are about 2&1/2″ square.


This stunning section was the perfect size for a bed……

The staff kindly moved out of shot so I could have a clear view of the whole panel.


Another full sized bed quilt just waiting to be reproduced!


This was the view over the balcony above the main entry Vestibule – a magnificent testament to the tilers art!  As you can see by the size of the people in the shot, this is a large expanse!

I had a wonderful afternoon prowling the corridors of power, indulging in Government issue scones, jam and cream in the Member’s Dining Room and surveying the wonderful gardens at the rear of the House.

I could not, however, pass up the chance for a political comment:


One wonders whether this was a not so subtle hint from within his own ranks, or a cheeky member of the party in power at present!

Late on Sunday at AQM, we walked past the stands of Studio Mio and The Quilter’s Heart.  Hitomi was busy with a customer and Mio was trying to keep a straight face as she leafed through a role of samples. We were after some pretty lilac fabric so we stopped to take a look….

Mio declared that this was a  fabric that she could never sell………


………. I wonder why!?!?!?

Over the weekend Sonya and I, along with many retailers, designers, manufacturers and suppliers, attended the Australian Quilt Market.  One of the events held was the birthday cocktail party for Homespun hosted by Beck, Lauren and Angelos from the Universal Magazines team.

Naturally there was lots of chat fueled by the terrific catering  and excellent range of beverages – somehow I lost count of how many “she” had…. but as I was driving, I stuck to the mineral water.

Needless to say there had to be some speeches, but as promised they were short and to the point.

I am really not sure what Rosalie’s point was here… but seems Sonya was getting clear instructions on just how high (or low) she could go!!!


We adjourned to the bar/cafe for a cup of coffee or three – thanks Angelos…. Sarah and I opted for a Hot Chocolate…. they seemed to take for ever to arrive but the reason became obvious….last_drinks_for_the_night

Angelos certainly had his hands full with all these women…. but there are no prizes for guessing who made it to his preferred party livener list!!


Here Natalie is giving Catherina the best advice about whose patterns to stock… while Angelos contemplates his bar bill!


Sarah and Garry were staying in the hotel above this cafe….. they were wondering how many they could sleep on the couch!!  By all reports the breakfast at the hotel was excellent.

It was a fun night all round….the photos are a trifle fuzzy as they were taken with my phone….thanks to Homespun and the team!

Just when you thought it was safe to set foot back home, life goes and tosses you a curve ball!

Here I was all ready to settle down to some quiet work at my own pace, when I received a call from my sister.

Over the week whilst I had been away, my mother has been admitted to hospital and this morning underwent surgery for colon cancer.  This is the second time she has been under the knife for colon cancer – the first was almost 20 years ago now.

Across town in another hospital is her elder brother, also readmitted this week as scans had revealed his condition had worsened.  He is also a cancer survivor – however the tumours they have found this time are unrelated to the first occurrence.

We have genetic testing in place for breast cancer – I wonder is there a general profile testing procedure that would be of some help in tracking cancers of any kind in families?  Can the cases of my mother and uncle be attributed to exposure to some carcinogenic substance in their misspent youths?

Answers to these questions won’t help either of them in their fight for health, however it might offer some hope to the future generations.

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