Recently I experienced my first exclusively paper crafts show both as a customer and a worker…. and like every good customer, I spent some money on some stuff!

The funny thing is I have had no interest in paper crafts of any sort until the advent of ATCs or Artists Trading Cards.  I was introduced to the concept by my great friend, Sonja Cogdell – who shared with me her wonderful exchanges of tag books, cards, treasure boxes and assorted goodies.  In case you are wondering, ATCs are 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ in size.

Yesterday I decided to get all the bits and pieces I had collected and decided to have a play…..


This is one of four cards I am making for the Man …. and I plan to set them into a frame on a background of bike images …….but then again, maybe that is a bit “pie in the sky” for me!


More of the Man’s collection….. discovered that some of the things I acquired to use have their challenges when photographing the end result – the shine on the carrier tape reflects in the flash!!!!


Just loved these reproduction Vintage nude sheets so I acquired a number of them to play with – further aged effects can be achieved by very lightly sanding back the edges and the surface with a little sanding tongue tool I found on the Collections stand.


The burgandy/black matts I have used to work on here are part of a great range of ATC products available from  They also include these wonderful card “frames” and are available in a wide range of colours.


Another trap discovered when takings pics…. the metallic finish of this frame glared badly in the flash!!!

Ah well… all these things are a learning experience!!!  One thing I have discovered about myself when working like this….I am a messy sod!  I managed to get glue and ink and stuff everywhere!  I don’t really mind, however, as I had fun (and isn’t that what it is all about???)