Where do you go for ideas for designs for your art?  I find that inspiration for designs come from a range of sources; sometimes I am not even aware of what has been behind some of the pieces I have produced.

I have been known to leap out of the car with camera in hand when I have spotted a tree with beautifully textured bark and I have several pictures taken in different seasons of the same tree trunk in Kings Park, Perth.


I can say, however, that I have never been tempted to use xray images or pictures of internal organs as a stimulus!  This hasn’t been the case with two ladies recently written up in New Scientist magazine – they have produced quilts and a knitted sculptural piece based on images of the brain.

This is defintiely one of those things that falls into the “weird but true” category however it is worth looking at  – this is the article link and this takes you to a special website featuring their work.