As mentioned in an earlier post, I have this “thing” about trees – more specifically, the wonderful surface textures of their trunks.  For some time now I have been collecting shots of various tree trunks.


I found this one in a car park in Adelaide… although the trunk itself had little variation in colour, the effect of the shadows cast made it all the more interesting.  From memory it was a stinker of a day and any bit of shade was a blessing!


There are some lovely old tree in Kings Park in Perth – this is the same tree I showed in an earlier post but this shot was taken in May – the other in September and the bark colouring is different.


Lovely knarly number – it reminded me of free form crochet at the time I saw it – I’m not sure how I would go about rendering this surface in thread… but I think it would need to be free machining overworked by hand stitching.


Another Kings Park specimen – just loved all the pleats and folds in this.  The length of the trunk was quite badly scarred horizontally; given the width of the band it would have appeared to have been inappropriately “tied” at some point in its life and the scar has remained as the tree aged.

I am still collecting…one day these pictures will form the basis of a series of exercises in thread play, that is, when I find a spare year or three to spend stitching!