A retrospective exhibition of Rosalie Gascoigne’s work is currently showing in NGV Federation Square. If you are planning to visit the Dickens Quilt in the near future, take the opportunity to walk up to the third level and take in this show.


Rosalie’s work took many forms: from sculpture, to installation art,  to pieces that were painterly in presentation yet sculptural in construction. She was the ultimate in recycler, in that she scoured the countryside around her home town of Canberra for “waste” – found objects to some of us – and rendered them into superb pieces that vibrate with texture and form.


Some pieces reminded me strongly of the Russian religious icons – this one a tribute to that iconic Australian institution of the Arnott’s Rosella.  This piece dates to before the subsequent loss of this brand to the multinationals.

This exhibition had me itching to come back to the studio, select appropriate fabrics and the start cutting and twisting and stitching back – and I have just the fabrics to do it with!

This is a “must see” for those of us who lament lack of formal art training – Rosalie was a self taught “artist” who found her feet in her chosen form in her 50’s and produced this remarkable volume of work over little more than 25 years.