If you haven’t had the chance to see this quilt “in the flesh’,  you still have a little time to go into the NGV Federation Square and take a long look.

Early reports suggested that it would only be on display until March but that time has been extended and now the quilt will remain in Gallery 5 until at least the end of April.  There has been no confirmed date for its removal but it is scheduled for “some time in May” according to gallery staff.


The gallery bookshop has been selling copies of Dr Annette Gero’s new book “The Fabric of Society –  Australian Quilt Heritage from Convict Times to 1960” in which this quilt is profiled.  The gallery bookshop is currently out of stock but have stock on order.  Interestingly not only does the book document our history, it provides patterns for 29 of the quilts.  The book can also be ordered directly from Annette via her website.