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Over the weekend, my friend Sonja and I found the new Melbourne home of Morris and Sons – at 234 Collins Street, Melbourne.  How delightful to find that there’s now a knitting and needlecraft store on the first floor of the building where there is a book shop in the basement!

I was as restrained as I could be at a 20 to 50% off sale of wonderful yarns …. Jo Sharp from England, Cleckheaton, Patons, Noro from Japan, delicious Italian specialty stuff….yum!  Great range of accessories for knitting, DMC embroidery threads, tapestry wools …. couldn’t really appreciate the full range as we were on a limited time frame.

I did come home with some balls to knit up, though – PURPLE!


The lovely flecked balls with black eyelash have morphed into a gift for a friend’s birthday.  The others are for a purple “piece” for the “Saturday Night Fun” at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair in July.

This is from the Craft and Quilt Fair Website.….

Make a Purple Scarf and Win!
Saturday evening is ‘Wear Your Handmade Scarf’ night. Come to the fair wearing a scarf (or shawl, wrap or cape) you have made yourself, and you could win a prize pack of craft goodies! The predominant colour of your creation should be PURPLE… like the Craft & Quilt Fair logo!

To take part in the competition, register at the fair Gift Shop after 5pm on Saturday. Wear your entrant number while you enjoy the evening fair activities – our judges will be out and about looking for your unique style and creativity. So think fun, fabulous and funky and get stitching, stamping, printing, dyeing, knitting or beading today!

Prize packs will include:

  • beautiful fabrics from Catharina’s Country Collection, Stand C20
  • gorgeous yarns from Yarns Galore, Stand B35
  • amazing craft tools and gadgets from Punch with Judy, Stand A11
  • lace, motifs and dyes from Starr Laces and Ribbons, Stand D36

Exhibitors will also join the fun and wear their own special creations!

See that last line?  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I am challenged to create something wearable using the Scrapmatts products – not normally something you would consider suitable for an item of clothing or an accessory.  Stay tuned – this is going to be fun!


I have just been to the post office to dispatch my latest batch of postcards around the world and have had the most interesting chat with the post mistress….

Spots and Stripes - 6 of 6

Spots and Stripes - 6 of 6

I mentioned to her that there were a few people out there that were still reluctant to post naked postcards in fear they may be rejected or be removed from the system.

Do not fear, potential posters, your cards are welcomed by Australia Post.  Recently, the phenomenon of fabric postcards was reported most favourably in the in house AusPost journal – they like what they see!

Kaye also told me of a local artist who hand paints watercolour postcards on balsa wood and sends these world wide.  She has had a flattened, stapled and appropriately addressed milk carton, a coconut and a pumpkin over the counter – all of which have made it to their destinations unwrapped, unprotected and unharmed!

It was a very excited prospective Grandmother  who asked me in January if I would make her a quilt as a gift for the grandchild she had just been informed would arrive sometime in May.helene

She asked me if I would bring some of my children’s quilts to our next lunch so she could consider what sort of quilt she would like me to make.  Knowing Helene’s penchant for bright colours, I took along my samples of bright I Spy quilts as well as some more sedate choices.

Of course, it was the bright strong colours of the I Spy quilts that immediately sold Helene on the idea of a cot sized quilt – she wanted to take one away immediately!  Given these were my samples and had been traipsed all over the countryside, I could not let her have one of these… besides I wanted the chance to make something different and new for her.

Over the past few months I have put together this quilt – there were a couple of the I Spy fabrics Helene particularly wanted, and I tried to include a fair bit of Green and Purple in the quilt.  The bride and groom had worn purple and green (their respective favourite colours) at their wedding and I wanted to tie that into the quilt in some way.

Quilt laid out ready for basting.

Quilt laid out ready for basting.

The quilt for Eleana was handed over to Helene on Wednesday – Eleana had arrived a trifle early but safely on May 25th.

WAs very pleased with the effect of this diagonal stripe binding.

I was very pleased with the effect of this diagonal stripe binding.

I have always been a fan of Hugs ‘n Kisses. I find Helen’s whimsical approach to design very appealing. She has just announced the launch of her new Block of the Month with a Christmas theme… its all in red so I am sure there will be some fans out there who will just love to get their hands on this.

Helen's new BOM

Helen's new BOM

Pop on over to Helen’s blog and enter into her giveaway for a chance to win the full set of patterns!

In preparation for the Craft Alive shows, I spent some days cutting packs of 5″ charm squares for my workshops.  At the end of all that cutting I had a pile of selvedges from the rainbow of charm square colours.

I couldn’t waste these little bits so decided to make a set of postcards in each of the seven rainbow colours using just the selvedges – these are the first three in my series I have named “Edge Of Reason”.


I must admit to never having paid too much attention to the detail in selvedges but there is a surprising amount of difference in their construction, the information they contain (or not as the case may be) and their width.  All these pieces were from the green collection of fabrics.



I particularly like the result I obtained using the red collection – some fabrics in this group are up to 15 years old….sort of a mini time capsule!


There were plenty of pieces left so labels for the back of the cards was one way of using more of them.  It was only when I examined them closely yesterday I realised I had sewn the purple one on in reverse!

I have still to make the yellow, orange, blue and pink cards – and there is a small collection of black selvedges gathering in the container on my sewing table!

… and everything is packed up until the next show.  Paperific proved to be a show of contrasts.

Great winter weather helped bring more people out to visit the show.  The venue had improved with new carpet on the floor and the cafe is up and running well. We didn’t have to take a four mile hike to find the toilets – a great relief for all concerned!  Stacey and her team ran a friendly, well organised event and we will certainly be back in November.

Andrew trying to look as if he was working!

Andrew trying to look as if he was working!

Sometimes its a little hard to tell when you are working at a show like this as to whether you have been the target of retail theft or not.  Retail theft is one of  the new terms for shoplifting.  In my experience of over ten years of these events, retail theft can vary from a couple of low cost items slipped into a bag to full bed sized, high value quilts removed from stands.

At this particular show, we lost demonstration samples.  There was a theme to the work that was taken over the first two days – it was all featuring butterflies!  On day one we lost a card featuring three butterflies in gold on black with a wide cream ribbon feature as well as a single hand coloured item.  On day two, an ATC made using one of Scrapmatt’s distinctive frames was taken.

Later in the weekend the subject of what had been taken came up in conversation with a fellow stallholder.  She looked at another sample we had completed using the same cream feature ribbon and commented on it.  She then related how this lady had come to her stand looking to buy the same ribbon as was featured on her card.  If only our friend had been aware that the card had been lifted from the site moments before!

It saddens me that people feel the need to resort to stealing another’s work and passing it off as their own. It happens all too often.  I hope these ladies get a guilty twinge every time they look at the pieces they have “souvenired” during their visit to the show.

…. opens tomorrow at 9.30am!

Andrew and I have finished the set up a little bit later than we planned and I guess that we will be rearranging things on the Scrapmatts stand tomorrow before the doors open.

There are so many new designs in the Chipboard range – I can’t wait to get to play!  I am really impressed with the fabulous range of shoes….I think I will have to make sure I have at least one packet each of all the different designs – especially the red ones! cb1031_s

I am also delighted to find The Thread Studio has a stand at this show… I just love all the delicious threads and products for working on fabric I can find here.


This event is the opportunity for Melbourne and Victorian paper enthusiasts to restock supplies, see new trends and designs and take part in “Make and Takes” of new techniques.

The Paperific Expo is being held once again at the Royal Agricultural ShowGrounds in Epsom Road, Ascot Vale and, unlike last show,  there is great new catering available! On site parking is also available at $5.oo per car.

I will be there again with Andrew from Scrapmatts and we will have a great new range of original chipboard designs as well as some fabulous new pens about which Andrew is very excited!  Come along and watch our on site demonstrations, pick up supplies for Artist’s Trading Cards, card making and scrapbooking, and see all our new products in action.

…..its here!

I don’t often talk about the weather unless it is relevant or, as in the past couple of days, extreme. We have received more rain over the past couple of days that we have seen for quite some time,  the nightly newscast informs us of the centimetres of snow dusting the slopes in the high country  and the tin roof has resounded with the drum of hail.

I cannot recall how long it has been since there has been hail in any quantity in these parts, so it was with great surprise I discovered the back deck still covered in hail some hours after the storm had passed.

Back deck

Back deck

The back garden had drifts of hail banked up, the pot plants were dusted over and the gutters were running.  This is something of a novelty given how long it has been since there has been much rain at all.

Let’s hope that this lovely rain is making it into our water storage areas  and replenishing the underground water table.

A couple of the cards made by visitors to the Crafter's Cafe at Griffith Craft Alive

A couple of the cards made by visitors to the Crafter's Cafe at Griffith Craft Alive

The first Craft Alive show for the year is now over – what a great weekend we had!

It was wonderful to catch up with crafty friends I hadn’t seen for a year as well as having the chance to meet new people.  The new workshop format caught many visitors and stallholders by surprise – they were expecting food and drink to be served here! We did have bright pink ‘glasses’ of lollies on the tables for the students but that was all!

The Crafter’s Cafe gave visitors the opportunity for one on one instruction in patchwork, beading, crochet, knitting and stitchery with Elizabeth from Aussie Patches, Kerry from Beadshack, local crafty whiz Jo and myself.

Stitchery designs from Ella and Skysie

Stitchery designs from Ella and Skysie

Looking forward to the next Craft Alive to be held at the new venue of Catholic  College Wodonga in a few weeks time!

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