…..its here!

I don’t often talk about the weather unless it is relevant or, as in the past couple of days, extreme. We have received more rain over the past couple of days that we have seen for quite some time,  the nightly newscast informs us of the centimetres of snow dusting the slopes in the high country  and the tin roof has resounded with the drum of hail.

I cannot recall how long it has been since there has been hail in any quantity in these parts, so it was with great surprise I discovered the back deck still covered in hail some hours after the storm had passed.

Back deck

Back deck

The back garden had drifts of hail banked up, the pot plants were dusted over and the gutters were running.  This is something of a novelty given how long it has been since there has been much rain at all.

Let’s hope that this lovely rain is making it into our water storage areas  and replenishing the underground water table.