… and everything is packed up until the next show.  Paperific proved to be a show of contrasts.

Great winter weather helped bring more people out to visit the show.  The venue had improved with new carpet on the floor and the cafe is up and running well. We didn’t have to take a four mile hike to find the toilets – a great relief for all concerned!  Stacey and her team ran a friendly, well organised event and we will certainly be back in November.

Andrew trying to look as if he was working!

Andrew trying to look as if he was working!

Sometimes its a little hard to tell when you are working at a show like this as to whether you have been the target of retail theft or not.  Retail theft is one of  the new terms for shoplifting.  In my experience of over ten years of these events, retail theft can vary from a couple of low cost items slipped into a bag to full bed sized, high value quilts removed from stands.

At this particular show, we lost demonstration samples.  There was a theme to the work that was taken over the first two days – it was all featuring butterflies!  On day one we lost a card featuring three butterflies in gold on black with a wide cream ribbon feature as well as a single hand coloured item.  On day two, an ATC made using one of Scrapmatt’s distinctive frames was taken.

Later in the weekend the subject of what had been taken came up in conversation with a fellow stallholder.  She looked at another sample we had completed using the same cream feature ribbon and commented on it.  She then related how this lady had come to her stand looking to buy the same ribbon as was featured on her card.  If only our friend had been aware that the card had been lifted from the site moments before!

It saddens me that people feel the need to resort to stealing another’s work and passing it off as their own. It happens all too often.  I hope these ladies get a guilty twinge every time they look at the pieces they have “souvenired” during their visit to the show.