In preparation for the Craft Alive shows, I spent some days cutting packs of 5″ charm squares for my workshops.  At the end of all that cutting I had a pile of selvedges from the rainbow of charm square colours.

I couldn’t waste these little bits so decided to make a set of postcards in each of the seven rainbow colours using just the selvedges – these are the first three in my series I have named “Edge Of Reason”.


I must admit to never having paid too much attention to the detail in selvedges but there is a surprising amount of difference in their construction, the information they contain (or not as the case may be) and their width.  All these pieces were from the green collection of fabrics.



I particularly like the result I obtained using the red collection – some fabrics in this group are up to 15 years old….sort of a mini time capsule!


There were plenty of pieces left so labels for the back of the cards was one way of using more of them.  It was only when I examined them closely yesterday I realised I had sewn the purple one on in reverse!

I have still to make the yellow, orange, blue and pink cards – and there is a small collection of black selvedges gathering in the container on my sewing table!