It was a very excited prospective Grandmother  who asked me in January if I would make her a quilt as a gift for the grandchild she had just been informed would arrive sometime in May.helene

She asked me if I would bring some of my children’s quilts to our next lunch so she could consider what sort of quilt she would like me to make.  Knowing Helene’s penchant for bright colours, I took along my samples of bright I Spy quilts as well as some more sedate choices.

Of course, it was the bright strong colours of the I Spy quilts that immediately sold Helene on the idea of a cot sized quilt – she wanted to take one away immediately!  Given these were my samples and had been traipsed all over the countryside, I could not let her have one of these… besides I wanted the chance to make something different and new for her.

Over the past few months I have put together this quilt – there were a couple of the I Spy fabrics Helene particularly wanted, and I tried to include a fair bit of Green and Purple in the quilt.  The bride and groom had worn purple and green (their respective favourite colours) at their wedding and I wanted to tie that into the quilt in some way.

Quilt laid out ready for basting.

Quilt laid out ready for basting.

The quilt for Eleana was handed over to Helene on Wednesday – Eleana had arrived a trifle early but safely on May 25th.

WAs very pleased with the effect of this diagonal stripe binding.

I was very pleased with the effect of this diagonal stripe binding.