I have just been to the post office to dispatch my latest batch of postcards around the world and have had the most interesting chat with the post mistress….

Spots and Stripes - 6 of 6

Spots and Stripes - 6 of 6

I mentioned to her that there were a few people out there that were still reluctant to post naked postcards in fear they may be rejected or be removed from the system.

Do not fear, potential posters, your cards are welcomed by Australia Post.  Recently, the phenomenon of fabric postcards was reported most favourably in the in house AusPost journal – they like what they see!

Kaye also told me of a local artist who hand paints watercolour postcards on balsa wood and sends these world wide.  She has had a flattened, stapled and appropriately addressed milk carton, a coconut and a pumpkin over the counter – all of which have made it to their destinations unwrapped, unprotected and unharmed!