I happen to be a member of Museum Victoria and when the latest newsletter came through with an article entitled “How old is your underwear?”, I was naturally intrigued!

There are many people out there who are fascinated with and collect clothing and textiles from bygone eras and many of them include underwear as part of their collections.  I have a wonderful book by Jill Salen that is purely dedicated to the corset and how to make them based on the original designs.


If this happens to be an area in which you are interested or perhaps have items that could be useful for research purposes, the following information is reproduced from the MV Members newsletter:

A call from Claire Lockyer (PhD Student at Museum Victoria): How old is your underwear?
I am currently undertaking a research project focusing on women’s underwear in Melbourne during the nineteenth century. I am interested in both locally made and imported garments. Examples of the types of underwear worn during this period include: petticoats, chemises, combinations, drawers and corsets. If you have any of these lying around at home collecting dust, I would love to hear from you. You can contact me at clloc2@student.monash.edu.au. Perhaps you might even consider donating your items to Museum Victoria.