Over the weekend I took myself into the NGV St KIlda Road to view the ‘blockbuster’ exhibition “Salvador Dali Liquid Desire”.

salvador-dali I am at a loss to explain or to describe this collection – it was so overwhelming.  The collection spans his entire working life; some of the early pieces on show dated from his teenage years.  Oh, what it would be to have been as skilled as he was at age 15!

Works range from early landscapes in oils to jewelry designs, photographic studies, film and theatre collaborations, limited edition artist illustrated books, sculptures, pen and ink drawings and, of course, his surrealist paintings.

I highly recommend this wonderful experience – tuck your preconceived ideas away and go with an open mind and allow plenty of time.  There is so much to see, it is almost too much for a single viewing.

The exhibition runs until October 4.