I had shopped – found some great books at the local bookshop called Browzers; picked up some nice embroidery threads at the local craft shop; laid in some fuel for the body – and I had washed clothes and I had sewn.  I was ready to be a tourist!

My friends Elizabeth and Glen from Aussie Patches were also in town and they had suggested a trip down to see Menindie. We unpacked stuff from the back seat of Glen’s truck and squished me in the back!

It was a reasonably warmish day and the sky was gradually getting whiter and whiter and the visibility reducing as we drove south.  On our return, the evening news reported that we had had another dust storm, though not as severe as those the previous week.

We had lunch in the local pub and then took the drive along the river to Weir 87 and the old homestead ruins. Those of my readers who have been here a while will know I have a penchant for taking pictures of trees and this trip provided me with a great range of river redgums to add to the collection.

In the pictures you can see a white haze in the sky… this was the dust that had blown all day.

The Darling River is apparently in the background of a couple of the shots…it also had a white tinge to it….this part of the river appeared to have reasonable water levels, but then we discovered this was the part upstream from the weir… below the weir was an entirely different story.

It is hard to imagine that this river had supported a thriving river boat transport system in the past. It is devastating to see the manner in which the river and its ecosystem are fading and dying from the lack of natural water flow through the river.