As the Man About The House was leaving for four weeks in the UK the day after the show finished in Broken Hill, I decided to give it a shot at driving right through back to Melbourne in the faint hope I might get back to at least say goodbye!

I packed the car with most of the stuff I had been living with in the cottage, made sure everything was clean and tidy and had an early night in anticipation of being able to get away before dawn.

It was a great drive down from Broken Hill to Wentworth….dodging those b*/#$@y goats….damn it if those things aren’t THE most stupid creatures!!!!

As I got closer to Wentworth, strangely familiar silhouettes graced the tops of the rises.  This year celebrates the 75th anniversary of the release of the Citroen TA – famous for the introduction of front wheel drive in standard production cars. I have one of these fabulous cars tucked under the carport and have been a fan (and owner) since my teens.

Running repairs on Effie after she had crossed the Nullabor in '93

Running repairs on Effie after she had crossed the Nullabor in '93

It was a delightful to see 14 of them as they passed head north to their next overnight stop in Broken Hill.  Seeing these cars  has prompted me to go search out all those photos of mine and scan them so I can put together an online record of my Citroen adventures over the years.

I made it back to Melbourne in time to find the MATH not yet packed and fighting with the computer….oh dear!  Suffice to say, he made it the airport in one piece and I did get to say goodbye.