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If you have been following this project, you will be aware that knitted contributions in white and cream have been flowing into Shan’s studio over the past 12 months in preparation for assemblage into an installation piece celebrating the Milkweed pod.

Its finally gone together for the first time and pictures of the assembled pieces and some detail shots are available here: Milkweed Art Installation

What an amazing international collaboration all down to power of the online art and craft community and their blogs!



Paperific at Melbourne Showgrounds has been great up until mid afternoon on Saturday…..when the weather changed!

I must say it is the first time I have ever been hailed on INSIDE the building.  The show was evacuated after the roof failed to keep out the weather and the display area, cafe and toilets were  flooded and hailed upon with great enthusiasm!

Stallholders scrambled to cover stock and raise boxes from the floor as some patrons shopped on until evacuation became a priority!

Needless to say, the building is in no fit state for the public today and the last day of trading has been cancelled. Off to pack up the stock now and to survey the damage!

We were safely moved across to another building while the situation was assessed, at which time I braved the elements and retrieved my car….and it now sports a lovely wavy finish over the roof and bonnet courtesy of the golf ball sized hail that pummeled it!  Whilst waiting for the decision to stay or go, there was one mighty deafening flash and thunderclap as one of the light towers at the Showgrounds took a direct hit – I looked up to see the  floodlights lights glowing and the tower flashing green. It certainly has been one of nature’s more spectacular shows!

If you missed out this weekend…Don’t forget to come in August!

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