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Does your passion for all things Textile find you heading off for exhibitions featuring lace, fabric or historic costuming?

Do you hoard sewing paraphernalia like old cotton reels, ancient cards of press studs, darning mushrooms or thimbles?

Are you like me and have more sewing machines than you are ever likely to use just because they are beautiful pieces of equipment?

The simplest and perhaps most underrated accomplishment in the development of clothing design and functionality was the advent of the button.  Made from all manner of things – wood, plastic, bakerlite, polished stones, ivory, shell, metal, enamel, porcelain and even perspex – buttons have kept us and our clothing together, made sure we were warm and modest and added that little something extra to couture designs. They are both functional and decorative, hand made or mass produced, can signify rank or status, colourful or plain and often found languishing in jars, boxes and drawers once separated from their garment of origin.

This weekend is a great opportunity to explore all things buttonlike with a visit to the Kyneton Museum’s exhibition “Button Up” and this Saturday is especially recommended as there will be a button sale held along side the show.

Details on the Kyneton Museum opening hours and location can be found here.


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