I admit to collecting just one or two (or a few) miniature jointed teddies.  All of my bears are small….not more than four to five inches tall at most and are hand made by a range of bear artists from around the country.

A few years ago I met a lovely lady from rural South Australia who made bears… her bears were original and all made by hand.  Each one was different, she didn’t use commercially available patterns and they were few and far between.  I have coveted one of her bears for some time, but I had not had the opportunity to purchase one.

Just a few weeks ago, we were chatting and she asked me for a mailing address….no reasons given and I didn’t ask.  I had almost forgotten the conversation when she popped me a message on line saying there was a surprise in the mail for me.

Imagine my delight when I opened the parcel and found this darling little bear!  I had been feeling pretty lousy and this was just the most wonderful gift. 

Even more special was her note telling me that this was likely the last miniature bear she would be making as she was hanging up her shears!

Thank you, Kerryn. She will be treasured.