As a textile artist, I have always looked for ways to create something different – yet I am not a great one for tiresome long winded processes. I have always admired felting, yet the idea of all that water and soap and mess and time and energy just seems all like far too much trouble! I have the greatest admiration for those who embrace the traditional technique and the wonderful pieces they create.

When the Embellisher EMB7 was first demonstrated to me, I was captivated. I had a play with one and was immediately hooked. Simple clean styling and robust construction meant that I could use and abuse with impunity and the machine would be able to take it! At the time, there was one known alternative – I went to a demonstration of the product and was appalled at the nearly 30 minutes it took to dismantle the existing fittings on the sewing machine and install the embellisher attachment. I like the fact that with the EMB 7 I could plug it in, turn it on and go!

Embellisher EMB 7

A defining feature of the EMB 7 is the fact that each of the seven felting needles is individually removable – so you can easily reduce the number of needles you wish to use to reflect the fabric and fibres you wish to work with. The other thing about that, of course, is that you only have to replace one broken needle at a time as opposed to the whole needle cluster in other options.

I have played with wool tops, braids, knitting yarns, commercial felt, silk organza, mulberry papers, silk tops, wash away stabilisers, and a myriad of different threads from my collection and have created covers for books, bags, table runners and place mats, scarves, wraps, jewelery and bases for free motion embroidery. The only thing I have not managed to conquer is how to find extra time for more experimentation!