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There wasn’t time for much more than a quick restock of the pantry and a major wash of clothes after the trip back from Adelaide, before it was out to the airport to collect Andrew and Sofie.  The Paperific show was on again and this (thankfully) is the last show for the year.

Hot weather and I do not agree and the venue had some issues when it came to dealing with the heat, especially on Saturday.  I was definitely not at my best and I am particularly grateful to Robyn and Sue for the care and kindness when I found myself quietly expiring from the heat.  Robyn and Sue had come all the way from Broken Hill for this show and spent valuable shopping time making sure I was alright – thank you both very much, ladies.

I am just relieved that Sofie had come down for this show and had taken the demonstrating reins – I’m sure that the customers would not have been impressed to have seen fainting first hand!

Paperific organiser and new owner Naomi has announced new dates for the shows in 2010 – the expo’s 10th birthday year.  Make sure you come along and celebrate in March and August for 2010.



For the 8 days I was staying in Broken Hill, I was staying in a restored Broken Hill style worker’s cottage.

Wilyama Cottage

Willyama Cottage

These old cottages are dotted throughout the town, on odd shaped blocks, tucked down narrow lanes and alleys.  They are clad on the exterior with ripple iron with the front walls and verandas often presenting a different ‘face’ to the street.

This little cottage had many of its original features and had been treated to a most sympathetic restoration acknowledged by the Historical Council in Broken Hill.

One of the most notable things about the Hill was the gardens….despite the heat and dust and restricted amounts of water, the gardens are lush and colourful.

I spotted a rare sight these days……

Something I haven't seen for a long time....a hose with a sprinkler attached laid out across GREEN lawn

Something I haven't seen for a long time....a hose with a sprinkler attached laid out across GREEN lawn.

The car was packed and Monday morning saw me set off up the Silver City Highway towards Broken Hill.  With warnings about kangaroos on the road ringing in  my ears, I was prepared for a trip that, although not all that far, would be tiring because of having to be constantly alert for animals on the road.

I was not prepared for the feral goats.  My last trip to Broken Hill (to and from Adelaide) had sightings of emus, the odd bedraggled sheep and a couple of ‘roos off in the distance.  There is a section of the Silver City Highway where the feral goats are just everywhere! Luckily I made the trip with no incidents… the goats stayed clear.

Feral goats

Feral goats

We had heard much in the press about the dust storm that blanketed Sydney but I had heard nothing about the impact elsewhere.  Passing through the path of the storm on the way north, I had noted a stretch of  forest where the trees were smashed, uprooted and tossed about.

Broken Hill's Main street

Broken Hill's Main street

My host in Broken Hill showed me the local papers from the previous week with the pictures and reports on the day that turned completely black in Broken Hill.  Storm damage had flattened five pylons in the main electricity transmission line to Broken Hill and the town was running on emergency power supplied by a diesel generator from the mines.

It was necessary to truck 24,000 litres of diesel fuel daily from Adelaide in order to keep the town powered up!  There had been miners trapped underground in mines but successfully rescued. I had known nothing of this before I reached the town….it never ceases to amaze me how much that happens in our country we never hear about because new services are so city-centric.

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