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It is amazing how insidious the manner in which the mobile phone has become such an integral part of our lives in such a short period of time.  We cannot live without them, it seems, yet we find them a  proverbial pain in the neck a good deal of the time.

Forgetting them, having to pay the bill, listening to other people shout into them when all you would like is a quite cup of coffee or whatever…. they are meant to make life easier yet they seem to be forever a nuisance.

I was a CDMA phone user for many years as I travel into country areas and wanted the best signal and coverage I could get.  I was driven quietly spare by the harassment of my service provider trying to get me to change to a NextG phone well before the closure of the CDMA network.

They couldn’t offer me any deals or upgrades that were advantageous to me as I owned my phone and there was no existing contract to buy out.  I stuck it out until there was a phone on the market with NextG capabilities that I, with my failing eyesight and limited digital dexterity, could handle.

I acquired this new phone in January.  It took some time to get it organised and functioning as I liked it… it was tuned in to talk to my computer and to the hands free unit in the car without too much drama and I was happily settling in to using it.

Last week the battery went flat. I recharged it.  It went flat again in less than 24 hours.  I recharged it again.  Same thing.  I checked that none of the bluetooth devices were on and causing it to search unnecessarily … nope… everything was fine except it would not hold a charge.

I could not believe that the battery had failed in such a short time…. I have never used a mobile phone to the extent that I wore out a battery and some of my phones have lasted me four years or more!  I checked the warranty – wouldn’t you know it?  The battery is only covered for 6 months!

However, I wandered into town to the dealer where I bought it and asked them if they could test the battery.  It appears that they can’t but directed me to the brand new two story all singing all dancing store a couple of blocks away.

I went up to the second floor to the service area, joined a queue to the service desk to wait to ask for technician. Whilst waiting in the queue, I was greeted by the floor supervisor who asked what help I needed, I explained, he showed me to a chair and went to get a customer liaison person to help me.

Two hours later I was on my way…. it appeared there was nothing wrong with my battery –  what was the issue was that the phone needed a software upgrade.  They recharged the phone, they upgraded the software and they restored all my pictures and phone book.  They provided me with a storage micro chip so that next time it happens it won’t take so long.  They did all this with a smile and for free.  I was impressed.

I have been struggling to get the phone to work again as all the other set up and functions preferences have been lost…. new bluetooth connection, new ring tones to be allocated, every time I do something that I have done before, I find that its not as it was and i have to reconfigure….can I please have a phone that just makes callls?


Having tried in vain to locate my parcels here in Aus, I referred the matter back to the suppliers and explained Auspost’s position.  The next thing I here from the supplier is that they had credited my account for the value of the parcels and would I let them know if they ever happen to turn up!

Am I surprised?  Yes.  The last thing I was expecting was any sort of refund/credit or replacement from the supplier.  Am I impressed?  Yes.  Will I use them again?  Of course I will – this is customer service of a degree that you don’t often see any more.  Am I a happy customer? On one hand, I am a disappointed customer but this was not the fault of the supplier, rather an intermediary service provider that failed to provide!  On the other, I am very happy and will continue to patronise their business.

The irony of the whole story is that a couple of days after I had received this notice of the credit, I also received notice that my post box had mail for collection.  The thought that it might have been my parcels seemed too incredible to be true.  Of course it wasn’t…. it was an ordinary letter and a slip to collect parcels over the counter.  These parcels all turned out to be for another box holder altogether!

This would make about the eighth or ninth time the email notification service/box sorter has got it wrong.  The box sorter is responsible for correctly allocating the mail to boxes, placing parcel, express post and registered mail collection advisory notices in the appropriate boxes and compiling a list for the PO Manager to advise clients by email.  I have repeatedly received notice to collect non existent mail and now they are trying to give me someone else’s packages!

I pay for this “service” that is far less than satisfactory at the least…. is it any wonder they have managed to lose two parcels?

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