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If you have been following this project, you will be aware that knitted contributions in white and cream have been flowing into Shan’s studio over the past 12 months in preparation for assemblage into an installation piece celebrating the Milkweed pod.

Its finally gone together for the first time and pictures of the assembled pieces and some detail shots are available here: Milkweed Art Installation

What an amazing international collaboration all down to power of the online art and craft community and their blogs!


My submission for this project has been sent to the US and Shan has posted pictures on her blog along with many more of the pieces she has received from contributors all over the world.

Take a look here.

Milkweed is a plant I am not familiar with – it seems to be a uniquely American species with a great deal of attraction to artists of all persuasions.  I found this photography site has some beautiful close up pictures of the pods.

I have completed the first stage of my contribution to The Milkweed Project and managed to remember to record at least this part of the process for once!


The piece is several feet long and required blocking – so it had to be done in stages throughout the afternoon with breaks while it dried and cooled completely before I moved and pinned a new section.

This part shows a mix of the linen yarn and the standard 8ply wool, knitted and interwoven.

This is a worldwide collaborative project to create an installation art piece assembled from the contributions of craftspeople and artists all over the world.


I was so taken with the idea that it inspired me to pick up the needles and knit!  I have been able to knit for as long as I can remember – my Gran taught me.  It wasn’t one of those crafts that inspired me to create – I had a short attention span and it seemed to take forever to finish anything!

I did enjoy knitting small garments so there were a few hand knitted baby items and jumpers for my girl when she was a toddler.  There are too many unfinished symphonies hanging about the place to admit to; so the knitting yarns were put to good use for couching and embellishing, quilting and needle felting, doll making and experimenting – everything except knitting!

This project called for work in white – no pattern specified, no stitch count or design to be adhered to – just white and if it was narrow to be long!  I could do this!  I scrounged around the boxes and bags and found linen, hand spun silk, mohair, synthetic fuzzy with a cute silver highlight and even wool – all white, of course.

I have had wonderful fun with giant needles creating a spidery strand finished with some finger knitting.  The next stage is to block, then weave in some other fibres, add some tassels and bows and perhaps even stitch on a button or two.

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