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Anyone who has been to one of my classes or demonstrations over the years will have no doubt heard one of my favorite teaching “lines” –

“There’s no such thing as a mistake – they are creatIve interpretations!”

Often the time available at a hands on workshop is very limited.  Students don’t come to these workshops to practice reverse sewing.  It is my privilege, as the tutor, to “reverses sew” if it actually necessary. Otherwise, these slips are not given the chance to say something to the student and to the rest of the class.  Rather than cover them up – Let’s take a look at what they can tell us.

I like to take what a student would call a mistake and show that it can be the start of something new and exciting….that creating your own piece is about pushing your boundaries and the limits of the technique in order to put your personal stamp on it.

Let’s face it, if someone didn’t “make mistakes” we would all be producing the same pieces over and over with nothing new, exciting and challenging appearing within our art form to motivate us. We would be having many many conversations about breach of copyright and the world would have become a stale and sterile environment.  There would be no progress.

Copyright, and breaches thereof, is a whole new topic for consideration for another time.  My friend Judy B over at Virtual Quilter has a great collection of references regarding copyright which should be of interest to anyone involved in designing, producing and marketing their own work.

I particularly like this reference on Judy’s list from Marvin Bartel, Emeritus Professor in Art –

Percy’s Principles of Art and Composition

I think my  treatment of “creative interpretations” fit quite nicely with Professor Bartel’s principles!

Thanks, Judy, for the poke in the ribs to put this down in writing !


After an all too brief sojourn at home base, catching up on some stitching, packing, washing and tending to the business of the MATH is his absence, it was back on the road to Adelaide and the Craft show with Andrew from

Scrapmatts Stand at Adeliade Craft and Quilt Show

Scrapmatts Stand at Adeliade Craft and Quilt Show

It was terrific to meet all the Scrapmatts customers and to introduce this product to a whole group of new people…

Andrew and Sofie had been working hard to produce some new items for Christmas which proved very popular as we sold out of the new Christmas trees in only a couple of days.  These are now back in stock for those of you who missed out and can be ordered through the Scrapmatts website!

Stock and samples#1

New Christmas Microchips and Samples

I particularly enjoyed being able to meet Judy Butcher – a blogland friend.  Judy and I both belong to a number of different online quilting and textile related groups, so this was the perfect opportunity to finally meet.

Judy was spending her time demonstrating hand quilting techniques on the SA Quilters’ Guild stand in the exhibition area.  We got a few moments here and there to chat and for me to admire the applique quilt Judy was working on… hopefully Judy will post pictures soon!

Judy has a couple of blogs you can check out and if you are interested in what sort of results you can get from computerised quilting programmes, then you must stop by Judy’s Virtual Quilter blog.

After the show, I was faced with a very hot drive back home….I didn’t envy the Adelaide folks their  record burst of hot weather for November.  At least this time I wasn’t dodging feral goats on the road!


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