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Having tried in vain to locate my parcels here in Aus, I referred the matter back to the suppliers and explained Auspost’s position.  The next thing I here from the supplier is that they had credited my account for the value of the parcels and would I let them know if they ever happen to turn up!

Am I surprised?  Yes.  The last thing I was expecting was any sort of refund/credit or replacement from the supplier.  Am I impressed?  Yes.  Will I use them again?  Of course I will – this is customer service of a degree that you don’t often see any more.  Am I a happy customer? On one hand, I am a disappointed customer but this was not the fault of the supplier, rather an intermediary service provider that failed to provide!  On the other, I am very happy and will continue to patronise their business.

The irony of the whole story is that a couple of days after I had received this notice of the credit, I also received notice that my post box had mail for collection.  The thought that it might have been my parcels seemed too incredible to be true.  Of course it wasn’t…. it was an ordinary letter and a slip to collect parcels over the counter.  These parcels all turned out to be for another box holder altogether!

This would make about the eighth or ninth time the email notification service/box sorter has got it wrong.  The box sorter is responsible for correctly allocating the mail to boxes, placing parcel, express post and registered mail collection advisory notices in the appropriate boxes and compiling a list for the PO Manager to advise clients by email.  I have repeatedly received notice to collect non existent mail and now they are trying to give me someone else’s packages!

I pay for this “service” that is far less than satisfactory at the least…. is it any wonder they have managed to lose two parcels?


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