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Mildura CraftAlive was held in a new location this year – the Sport and Community Centre at Irymple.  As the show was timed to coincide with the Country Music Festival, there were a large number of visitors in town, some of whom made their way to the show.

One of my students over the weekend was from Queensland….she had been away from her home base for several months and was on her way home when we met.  The fabric postcards concept really appealed to her as something she could do whilst traveling.

Del and her first postcard

Del and her first postcard

Del was hooked from the very beginning and now is very keen to become involved in postcard exchanges. I decided I would make and send her a card from Broken Hill if I wasn’t too busy.

Del's Card

Del's Card

Del’s card had a strip pieced fabric base, a layer of loose threads, braid and ric rac covered with black tulle  topped off with some machine stitched detail. She used a variagated thread that combined lime, yellow and orange which looked fantastic!


Time to get the car packed and on the way again.  This time I was not coming home between shows, so it meant I had to stock up and pack for an absence of just under two weeks.  How to judge just what to take?

Clothes are always a challenge as it is “average to cold” here in Melbourne, however Mildura and Broken Hill are another kettle of fish altogether.  The week preceding the show, I had noted top temperatures in the mid 30’s….aaarrrggghhhh! Not summer already!  Oh well… chuck a bit of everything in and what I haven’t got, I can surely buy if I need it!

Despite the previous week’s unusually high temperatures for Spring, it was cold and a little wet in Mildura so many of the stallholders at the show found they were under resourced when it came to warm clothes!

On the way up the highway, I stopped at Inglewood as the breakfast coffee had finally worked its magic….and I discovered off the main road this huge old house.

The Tivey's House

The Tivey's House

Built to house the local grocer and his 14 children, it certainly was a splendid home.  The gardens had a reputation of having been spectacular but these days show signs of age, neglect and lack of available water.


Its a nice change to see all the iron work on the verandas still intact.

In 2006 Loddon Shire surveyed, recorder and “labelled” all the significant buildings in the town.  I would have expected that this building would have qualified for classification by the National Trust.

Front Gate

You can see the glimpse of blue on the cast iron pillar fence post….. this is the Shire’s information plaque giving a small amount of information about the house and its history.

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