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Has anyone recently had to deal with Aust Post in the search for parcels that are coming from overseas?

I consider it inconceivable that they could manage to lose not one but two parcels originating from the same source.  The two parcels were posted from the same post office in the US on the same day and were issued with parcel numbers.  Having obtained said numbers and having unsuccesfully searched the US Postal website for tracking information past the fact that they were accepted for posting, I turned to Australia Post.

In the past it has been a case of stopping by my local office where I have been a customer for over 20 years, giving them as much information as I had available and letting them get on with the rest of the process.  There have been successes and failures but they have always helped to the best of their ability.

This week, I asked the same question of them – and offered them the parcel numbers.  They politely explained that they could no longer perform such a service because of Aust Post’s new privacy laws.  I was told I would now need to contact Aust Post’s customer service centre by phone.


What about the security of my parcels?  I could be anybody pretending to be me on the phone….at least if I dealt with the person at my post office, they could be sure I was who I said I was as they knew me!  There was no vetting of who it was that was calling….just that I had numbers I could quote.  Is this anonymity of caller what is meant by privacy?

Who knows.

All I know is they could give me no information as to the whereabouts of my parcels; they commiserated with me that it was two that had gone missing and told me to get in touch with the sender and tell them to do the work!


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