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I have just been to the post office to dispatch my latest batch of postcards around the world and have had the most interesting chat with the post mistress….

Spots and Stripes - 6 of 6

Spots and Stripes - 6 of 6

I mentioned to her that there were a few people out there that were still reluctant to post naked postcards in fear they may be rejected or be removed from the system.

Do not fear, potential posters, your cards are welcomed by Australia Post.  Recently, the phenomenon of fabric postcards was reported most favourably in the in house AusPost journal – they like what they see!

Kaye also told me of a local artist who hand paints watercolour postcards on balsa wood and sends these world wide.  She has had a flattened, stapled and appropriately addressed milk carton, a coconut and a pumpkin over the counter – all of which have made it to their destinations unwrapped, unprotected and unharmed!


It was a very excited prospective Grandmother  who asked me in January if I would make her a quilt as a gift for the grandchild she had just been informed would arrive sometime in May.helene

She asked me if I would bring some of my children’s quilts to our next lunch so she could consider what sort of quilt she would like me to make.  Knowing Helene’s penchant for bright colours, I took along my samples of bright I Spy quilts as well as some more sedate choices.

Of course, it was the bright strong colours of the I Spy quilts that immediately sold Helene on the idea of a cot sized quilt – she wanted to take one away immediately!  Given these were my samples and had been traipsed all over the countryside, I could not let her have one of these… besides I wanted the chance to make something different and new for her.

Over the past few months I have put together this quilt – there were a couple of the I Spy fabrics Helene particularly wanted, and I tried to include a fair bit of Green and Purple in the quilt.  The bride and groom had worn purple and green (their respective favourite colours) at their wedding and I wanted to tie that into the quilt in some way.

Quilt laid out ready for basting.

Quilt laid out ready for basting.

The quilt for Eleana was handed over to Helene on Wednesday – Eleana had arrived a trifle early but safely on May 25th.

WAs very pleased with the effect of this diagonal stripe binding.

I was very pleased with the effect of this diagonal stripe binding.

I have always been a fan of Hugs ‘n Kisses. I find Helen’s whimsical approach to design very appealing. She has just announced the launch of her new Block of the Month with a Christmas theme… its all in red so I am sure there will be some fans out there who will just love to get their hands on this.

Helen's new BOM

Helen's new BOM

Pop on over to Helen’s blog and enter into her giveaway for a chance to win the full set of patterns!

I was saddened today to hear of the sudden death of June Kelly, patchworker and friend.  I met June about 15 years ago through Essendon Patchworkers and continued my association with her through the Monday Runaways and The Loft Network.

June Kelly

June Kelly

June made many contributions to the charity quilts project run through The Loft Network and was an active participant in our block exchanges, Round Robin Quilts and Birthday Blocks exchange.

There will be more than a few people out there with a little piece of June’s fabric, talent and love in one or more of their quilts. Many organisations have benefitted from her contributions including Tweddle Baby and Maternal Care Centre, Bone Marrow Donor Institute and the victims of the Trentham fires.

My favourite memory is the laugh she gave us all telling how she picked up the bits of her finger she had managed to slice off with a rotary cutter and walking herself to a neighbour to ask that they get her a bandaid…sensibly she was taken to hospital and her finger beautifully repaired so she could be back to her beloved applique as soon as possible.

In more recent years, I have not had the chance to see much of her but have always been pleased to hear of her latest exploits from mutual friends.  I knew her as a caring and giving person of her time and energy – she was always helping out her less mobile neighbours and friends.

Vale June.

Last Sunday, Parliament House in Melbourne was open to the public as the final event in the Victorian Women Vote celebrations.  I had an interest in these centenary celebrations as several of my forebears were signatories to the Monster Petition to Government seeking voting rights for women.

I have always had a bit of a passion for tiles and tiled floors….

and as a patchworker, the designs just scream quilts at me!


Naturally, when there are so many beautiful tiled floors right through the House, I just had to grab a few shots – these are all taken on the second floor above the main sitting chambers.


The floors areas at the stair bases and along the corridors are covered by these wonderful designs and are quite extensive – to give you an idea of size the small blue and white triangles in the above picture are about 2&1/2″ square.


This stunning section was the perfect size for a bed……

The staff kindly moved out of shot so I could have a clear view of the whole panel.


Another full sized bed quilt just waiting to be reproduced!


This was the view over the balcony above the main entry Vestibule – a magnificent testament to the tilers art!  As you can see by the size of the people in the shot, this is a large expanse!

I had a wonderful afternoon prowling the corridors of power, indulging in Government issue scones, jam and cream in the Member’s Dining Room and surveying the wonderful gardens at the rear of the House.

I could not, however, pass up the chance for a political comment:


One wonders whether this was a not so subtle hint from within his own ranks, or a cheeky member of the party in power at present!

Some number of years ago, I retired from the rigors of the school room and set about finding a new path for myself in areas that were akin to my interests and skill bases. I have not taught primary age children for many years.

At this recent show, I had the pleasure of the company of a delightful 12 year old in my workshop – not only was she in the company of older adult “students”, but she considered herself a beginner as a patchworker and was keen to get started. I offered her the opportunity to make a simple flannel quilt cover.

She had a great time… she coped well with the distraction of a separate set of instructions being given around her to the other participants and her quilt cover was nearly completed when she went home that afternoon – her skill level had increased in leaps and bounds and I rediscovered the joy of having a willing and enthusiastic child as a student!

I hope that she continues to successfully explore the world of textiles as she grows up.

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