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All the last minute things that you find you have to do in the lead up to a show and someone chucks a curve ball at you!  Thanks to the help of my lovely friend Mary Jane, I have managed to get everything in order and will be leaving at the crack of dawn for the wilds of central west NSW.

However , my dear little cat deserves no thanks at all… in the midst of all this packing she thinks its a great lark to bring in her latest catch – a young rat – and let it loose in the lounge room!  Luckily both the cat and the rat were successfully ejected into the back garden.  I’m not going to imagine what took place…. Cats – they are such helpful creatures!

This is a of sample new project from Ella and Skysie I have just completed – it will be available as a special gift to customers at the CraftAlive shows this year but I thought I would post it here to celebrate friendship – thanks again, MJ.  You’re a star!

May the hinges of friendship never grow rusty!



In between all these shows, traveling and office sitting, I have managed to make and send off nine postcards to stitchers taking part in the Thanksgiving swap on Stitching Fingers organised by Barbara Lockwood in California.

Not being in the US and having a Thanksgiving tradition, I opted for creating cards that reflected the season in the northern hemisphere – autumn.  It seemed rather incongruous to be stitching autumn leaves cut from Lutradur in 35 degree heat!

Autumn Swaps

Lined up for their pictures in the spring sunshine

Each card featured a base “Bali” style fabric over which was stitched a red Lutradur leaf.  Laid over that was a layer of “needle lace”.

The needle lace was created from knitting yarns and decorative threads laid between two sheets of wash away embroidery stabiliser.  These were then free motion stitched over using several different variagated threads.  the whole piece was then tossed in the sink and washed until all the stabiliser had dissolved. Once the piece had dried, it was lightly pressed and sliced into postcard sized sections.

The gold Lutradur leaf was then free motion embroidered onto the surface of the card and all the layers held together with a satin stitched edging.


Whilst in Adelaide at the Craft and Quilt show, I obtained a product called “Magic Foil” and I thought it might add a little special touch to these cards.  It is applied using a special glue which is dabbed or painted over the areas where the foil is required and, when the glue has dried clear, the foil sheet is rubbed over the fabric to apply.

Each of the cards was treated to a sprinkle of copper highlights.  Given appropriate drying times, these foil embellishments are apparently washable and permanent.

I had just about finished my photography when I was distracted by the phone… and it seemed my cards needed to be supervised in my absence…

Helping Hand

Smudge ensuring that cards don't escape!

Apologies to any of the ladies who find stray cat fur on their card, but Smudge couldn’t resist the temptation, it seems.

I thought perhaps I would introduce you all to the Resident Feline.


His name is Monte and he has more than a passing interest in all things quilting. I was trying to take some outdoor pictures for pattern covers and he insisted on helping.

He knows that he is not meant to sleep on my bed and definitely not on the quilts, so last night he carefully positioned himsef on the black t shirt thinking that he would be okay!

As a predominantly white cat, he is always attracted to whatever is black…..


Currently, Monte’s position as head of the household has been under threat as we have been “babysitting” my daughter’s ferret.  This was meant to be a temporary arrangement but I think he has become resident by default.   Monte and Jasper have yet to reach a memorandum of understanding about who rules.


The days are getting longer and early morning is heralded with the chirping of birds.  In the past, despite having an inner city location, we have been blessed with a variety of native birds through our garden.  Wattle birds were frequent visitors, especially when the red flowering bottle brushes were in flower next door.  Parrots and rosellas feed with gay abandon on the plum and fig trees which over hang from the neighbour on the other side.  We have had cockatoos, galahs, magpies, one or two kookaburra sightings and even a budgerigar!

My favourite visitors were the small birds – the willy wag tails, the occasional swallow and the silver eyes.  These delightful small drab green birds would hover at our windows and under the lips of the weatherboards, picking the webs clean of trapped insects.  Over the last couple of years we had noticed their absence and wondered why.

This year, they are back. They compete for attention with the pair of wood pigeons that have set up home on our roof.  There are other introduced species aplenty but they seem untroubled as they hover within inches of us happily pecking at the smorgasboard of insects laid out for them.

Luckily the resident cat seems disinterested.  This morning he was so disinterested in fact that he watched with detached cat like disdain as one of the aforementioned pigeons strolled in the back door, into the kitchen and began helping itself to the cat’s dry food breakfast.  All would have been fine except the pigeon tried to sit on the side of the bowl.  The bowl wouldn’t take its weight, capsized and sent a startled pigeon flapping towrds the windows.

Catching a pigeon that is frantically trying to get out through a nonopening window is not an easy task!  Mind you, it was a great deal easier than the two black birds I found in the house last week.  It is time to hang the bead curtain over the door.

I have not been a fan of providing food for wild birds in a garden populated by a cat….I think I might have to change my mind on this.

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