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After an all too brief sojourn at home base, catching up on some stitching, packing, washing and tending to the business of the MATH is his absence, it was back on the road to Adelaide and the Craft show with Andrew from

Scrapmatts Stand at Adeliade Craft and Quilt Show

Scrapmatts Stand at Adeliade Craft and Quilt Show

It was terrific to meet all the Scrapmatts customers and to introduce this product to a whole group of new people…

Andrew and Sofie had been working hard to produce some new items for Christmas which proved very popular as we sold out of the new Christmas trees in only a couple of days.  These are now back in stock for those of you who missed out and can be ordered through the Scrapmatts website!

Stock and samples#1

New Christmas Microchips and Samples

I particularly enjoyed being able to meet Judy Butcher – a blogland friend.  Judy and I both belong to a number of different online quilting and textile related groups, so this was the perfect opportunity to finally meet.

Judy was spending her time demonstrating hand quilting techniques on the SA Quilters’ Guild stand in the exhibition area.  We got a few moments here and there to chat and for me to admire the applique quilt Judy was working on… hopefully Judy will post pictures soon!

Judy has a couple of blogs you can check out and if you are interested in what sort of results you can get from computerised quilting programmes, then you must stop by Judy’s Virtual Quilter blog.

After the show, I was faced with a very hot drive back home….I didn’t envy the Adelaide folks their  record burst of hot weather for November.  At least this time I wasn’t dodging feral goats on the road!



Recently I experienced my first exclusively paper crafts show both as a customer and a worker…. and like every good customer, I spent some money on some stuff!

The funny thing is I have had no interest in paper crafts of any sort until the advent of ATCs or Artists Trading Cards.  I was introduced to the concept by my great friend, Sonja Cogdell – who shared with me her wonderful exchanges of tag books, cards, treasure boxes and assorted goodies.  In case you are wondering, ATCs are 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ in size.

Yesterday I decided to get all the bits and pieces I had collected and decided to have a play…..


This is one of four cards I am making for the Man …. and I plan to set them into a frame on a background of bike images …….but then again, maybe that is a bit “pie in the sky” for me!


More of the Man’s collection….. discovered that some of the things I acquired to use have their challenges when photographing the end result – the shine on the carrier tape reflects in the flash!!!!


Just loved these reproduction Vintage nude sheets so I acquired a number of them to play with – further aged effects can be achieved by very lightly sanding back the edges and the surface with a little sanding tongue tool I found on the Collections stand.


The burgandy/black matts I have used to work on here are part of a great range of ATC products available from  They also include these wonderful card “frames” and are available in a wide range of colours.


Another trap discovered when takings pics…. the metallic finish of this frame glared badly in the flash!!!

Ah well… all these things are a learning experience!!!  One thing I have discovered about myself when working like this….I am a messy sod!  I managed to get glue and ink and stuff everywhere!  I don’t really mind, however, as I had fun (and isn’t that what it is all about???)

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