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I made it here with some help and have managed to get part way through set up without falling over! I must be getting at least a little better as the rash and pain have subsided although the constant headaches are making me grumpy so if I seem a little short, please excuse me!

I am hoping that a good night’s sleep and I will feel a bit brighter again in the morning, ready for the crowds of people that will be attending the show.


Here I am, a couple of days out from the Shepparton Craft Alive show, and I have been diagnosed with Shingles – on the face!

I have been rushed off to have my eyes checked for infections as there is a risk of the optic nerve being affected resulting in blindness in the worst case. I am taking the nasty anti viral drugs – having been reduced to a batch of numbers within the Health system’s approval process and I am fighting off the nastiest of headaches.

Whether I make it to Shepparton is not known at this point – but if I do get there, don’t expect any kisses or hugs from me even if you happen to be my very best friend!

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