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The days are getting longer and early morning is heralded with the chirping of birds.  In the past, despite having an inner city location, we have been blessed with a variety of native birds through our garden.  Wattle birds were frequent visitors, especially when the red flowering bottle brushes were in flower next door.  Parrots and rosellas feed with gay abandon on the plum and fig trees which over hang from the neighbour on the other side.  We have had cockatoos, galahs, magpies, one or two kookaburra sightings and even a budgerigar!

My favourite visitors were the small birds – the willy wag tails, the occasional swallow and the silver eyes.  These delightful small drab green birds would hover at our windows and under the lips of the weatherboards, picking the webs clean of trapped insects.  Over the last couple of years we had noticed their absence and wondered why.

This year, they are back. They compete for attention with the pair of wood pigeons that have set up home on our roof.  There are other introduced species aplenty but they seem untroubled as they hover within inches of us happily pecking at the smorgasboard of insects laid out for them.

Luckily the resident cat seems disinterested.  This morning he was so disinterested in fact that he watched with detached cat like disdain as one of the aforementioned pigeons strolled in the back door, into the kitchen and began helping itself to the cat’s dry food breakfast.  All would have been fine except the pigeon tried to sit on the side of the bowl.  The bowl wouldn’t take its weight, capsized and sent a startled pigeon flapping towrds the windows.

Catching a pigeon that is frantically trying to get out through a nonopening window is not an easy task!  Mind you, it was a great deal easier than the two black birds I found in the house last week.  It is time to hang the bead curtain over the door.

I have not been a fan of providing food for wild birds in a garden populated by a cat….I think I might have to change my mind on this.


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